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Originally Posted by m4r0v3r View Post
I'd rather seem nemo mer on either the droid 3 or the htc desire z, i prefer the droid 3 keyboard though
yes we would all like to see it on million different devices, but that is not going to happen, community must at least start on just one device, which should have good hardware and be cheap so that people can afford it next to expensive devices they already bought, and maybe even donate to the developers as an incentive to develop thing further...

i most certainly wont pay 100-200$ for some hardware and then 200-400$ more just for its brand when i'm going to put a community developed OS on it, id rather pay 100$ for a device and then donate 50$ to the developing team and i'm sure a lot of people would rather do like this than pay 400-600$ for a device that is also worth 100-150$
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Well Droid 3 is ideal-ish as it's an OMAP 4 (so the Pandaboard stuff should be reasonably close), however as it's a Motorola phone, it's probably not so easy. In addition it's not available in the UK and as GrimyHR says it's expensive for a device that will be unusable for most of the time (i.e. while developing for it)

Desire Z is a Snapdragon, so you'll end up with the issues as listed on the Meego page.

The Hummingbird is somewhere between the two, no drivers directly available, but potential to modify and use the OMAP4 userspace stuff.

Life would be much better if all the SOC manufacturers released GPU acceleration libraries for both hard- and soft-float....

In any case I'm continuing development on the Hummingbird, noting that one can now buy a 1GHz, 512MB RAM Hummingbird machine (w/ GPS, e-compass, WLAN, BT, etc.) in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0/4.0 for ~130.

If you want something that has compatible drivers + userspace for the GPU, then a Tegra 2 device is the way forward, but they are mainly 10" devices, which is not what I'm after.

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the droid 3's bootloader is locked and cannot be opened for **** well it can but no ones done it
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this is how MAEMO ON MILESTONE-3 will look like..

Name:  MAEMO-motorola-milestone-3-1.jpg
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p.s. - i found milestone & droid-3 almost similar in spec's except for the front facing camera i.e. VGA, & also DROID-3 is Verizon Exclusive

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Name:  MAEMO-motorola-flipout-1.jpg
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just luv MOTO FLIPOUT...

b.t.w. it has the same cpu & gpu of N900
CPU 600 MHz Cortex-A8
GPU PowerVR SGX530
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That Flipout would be AWESOME with Maemo 5. Definitely something I'd like to have!

Having had a N9 for a short time, I definitely like Maemo 5 better, I just wish it had faster / more hardware, and a less scratch prone screen.

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that flipout has a locked bootloader(like all moto phones if im not mistaken) and a resolution of just 320x240
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Yeah, unfortunately Motorola likes to lock their boot loaders.

Fortunately, most of them have been hacked.

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Well all the mock ups are nice but I think what we need to do is create a road map listing all the closed bits of maemo, if doesnt exist already.

Then see what could possibly be borrowed/modified from other open source projects (web os, meego, etc) and what needs to be written from scratch to make this happen.

Originally Posted by slaapliedje View Post
a less scratch prone screen.
While I agree that it is scratch prone, It is rugged and has saved me in the past ...Ive dropped the phone so many times that I feel if it were glass it would have been totally f'd by now.

Several months ago I dropped it on a rock which made a pretty big gash in the center of the screen. Now though with alot of usage it has gotten to the point where I can no longer see it when the screen is on. I bet with the right type of buffing pad/solution you could polish out most scratches.
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@Mike Fila
Before doing that, you should look for first class developers that would agree on spending and dedicating their free time working on porting a dead platform, for granted...just sayin'.

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