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It's just a recommendation in one of my N900s I managed to *almost* brick it (you can read about it in the U-boot thread), and only thanks to the U-boot console I managed to unbrick it. But I had to type really quickly because of the watchdog -> now I have R&D set in my 3 N900s, for that extra peace of mind
Thanks for that. In the meantime I bought a "second" N900 (actually my 4th, but I only own two now) which I wanted as a replacement, cause it was advertised as nearly mint condition. But it came as it had to come: I cannot give away the first one and now have two
I think it's good to have a backup device and I have installed backupmenu on both of them. I also read about RescueOS somewhere.

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^^really geekygirl
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Originally Posted by nokiabot View Post
^^really geekygirl
most people are not happy about that...
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