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It's probably only for french resident, for sure.
Regarding the service linked, you can take the 5€ per month and cancel it as soon as the phone arrived
Just ordered a 2nd one ATM, so if anyone is interested for my first phone @200€ ( mono sim )

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I really hope that XA2 ultra will be supported. Don't give a $#&%/ about front camera and AFAIK that's the only difference.

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Minutes from last meeting suggest that SFOS3 on X will stay on 3.10 kernel (with possible rebase later), while XA2 will get 4.4.

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Anyone notice higher power consumption on on Xperia X?

Normally it takes a few days to settle (reindexing and whatnot) after an update, and the battery is back to normal. But this time it doesn't seem to last anywhere near as long as before.

I may reflash and see if it fixes it, but right now it's not looking good. I'd kill for a custom kernel that I could undervolt with...
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