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Developer Justin Dolske has compiled Thunderbird (aka Shredder) on Maemo and checkout the results: How’s it run? Fairly well, from my brief testing. The UI isn’t optimized for small-screen mobile usage, but it seemed responsive enough that I’ll try using it in coming days.I wish he would share his experiment. Read his full blog entry.
Read the full article.

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With a few GUI optimizations this would be a wonderful mail client.

Thanks for the news
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Um. Wow.

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Maybe Spicebird too...
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nothing to say except that ... :

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Where can I download TB for Maemo?

Thank you!
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You can't. Not yet at least...
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Funny, I was just wondering if thunderbird would compile for maemo!

Like... legit earlier today. This is really cool, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
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I'll make a build available soon; there's a couple of annoying bugs I'd like to look at squashing first...

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Originally Posted by Dolske View Post
I'll make a build available soon; there's a couple of annoying bugs I'd like to look at squashing first...
Will it be something that I can install and remove fairly easy!


BTW (and off topic), is it just me or does it look like Reg may have a few keys mapped incorrectly?

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