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Hi guys im a maemo enthusiast since 2010 owned a n900, n9 and now jolla, im from Tanzania its a small country in Africa, pleased to meet you all

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Hello y'all!

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hello Afrika

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Hello to all NEW members!

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HELLO MAEMO! xD I am brought here by destiny! My n810 is currently out of order. But now I have what I need to fix it. xD Except time...

I also aspire to learn programming, I wanna go big and create a custom OS xP Living Those Teenage Dreams~

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Hello from new user of N900 phone.

I am from Europe and i finally got one of N900 phone i wanted so much.

By the time i got the phone now it looks like community moved to mass android usage and i can't seems to find much of a things to out there on the net about maemo.

I wanted to get this phone since it was out but at that time it was so expensive for me to get it but as years passed the phone price got reasonable for me to get it, but it was very hard to find one around here. Finally i found one and got it.

This is the phone i wont change until it breaks.

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Hi,I'm new here.
I hope that I will help and I'll be helped

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As a new user (just a couple of days so far) of the N900, I'm astounded by the abilities of this little brick, the resources here on this site and the helpfulness of the folks on #maemo.

In just these few days, I've been able to install backupmenu, bluetooth-dun-client* and fixed modest to collect gmail. Thank you all.

OTG/HEN is next, allowing me to move tracks on and off a small mp3 player.

Haven't tried CSSU yet, it looks mighty tempting, but will have to wait till after my off-grid cycle through deepest, darkest Ireland in a few weeks.

Well on the way to the perfect comms/multimedia solution, one with a great camera built in and maps that work without a internet connection.

And all that fits in one hand! (and a heck of a lot lighter than separate netbook/camera/mp3player/gps and all the various batteries)

Wish I'd got one of these years ago! Lots of catching up to do, it's gonna be fun

* It works, atm I'm forcing nameserver entries into resolv.conf in the connect script and disconnecting most often causes the UI to lock up. But it works!

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Ok, I'm not a new member, more a returning member. I got my first N900 the week it was released in the UK. I've had two more since then as well as two N9's before migrating to iOS.

Well, I'm back. Saw a couple of good deals on eBay and grabbed myself an N900 and an N9 and am excited to see the community is still here.

Note to self: update sig!
Mobile: [Nokia Lumia 800] [Nokia N9 PR1.3] [Nokia N900 - CSSU 16.8] [Nokia N8 - Nokia Belle]
Static: [Mac OS X 10.8.2] [Win8 64Bit]

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Hello to everyone,
I would inform you... my N900 is on delivery today :P


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bada boom, bada rox, hotelcalifornia, new users, newbie, newmo!, w2tmo, welcome to

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