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Which Would you buy?

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I am new to the internet tablet world but I am a former computer programmer so I am not a complete noob when it comes to computers. I would like to purchase a tablet within a couple of weeks and was unsure which to buy the 770 or the N800 I would like to get the 800 because of the faster processing speeds and the larger memory expansion but it seems most of the hacks and mods are built around the 770 so I am just wondering what is the common consensuses on this? Which should I buy?

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n8x0, forget 770.

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Originally Posted by Krazor69 View Post
...but it seems most of the hacks and mods are built around the 770...
What? Who told you that? A lot more hacks are there for the N8x0 series.

Full USB-OTG support, screen rotation, Debian, Android, Tilt Sensor, etc... 770 is good if you want a small Linux box to do some tasks (control HTPC, bittorrent, other stuff...). N810/N800 are much better.
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It's "770", by the way. The 770 wasn't part of the N-series.

N800 all the way. OMAP1 is slooow.
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I voted for the 770, because I already own an N800 and really miss the 770. It was prettier, hat a better form factor and, above all, was the only truly mobily device in the whole series because of its hard cover. I keep looking for a cheap 770 in my area as a second tablet for travelling.

For you as a new user, however, I'd recommend a N800/N810. Believe me, you will want the additional CPU power. You will be happier with OS2008-based software. (Although UI-wise, the 770's OS2005/OS2006 were better.)

As for hacks:
Yes, there were hacks and neat applications in the early 770-days that never got ported to the N800/N810. The way Nokia handled the transition from 770 to N800 caused a lot of frustration among developers, so some left the boat. But that doesn't mean there's less for the N8x0, the opposite is true. A new generation came along, and what you can do now with a N8x0 is just amazing. (Don't forget: The N8x0 is 2 years old now, the 770 was replaced after only one year and a half.)

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I concur, I have both and I really like the 770 for portability. I feel much more comfortable about putting it in my pocket or throwing it in a bag with the hard cover protecting the screen.

The N8x0 is great in terms of speed and features but I still do get the feeling I'm working with something much more fragile than the rugged 770.
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the 770 is already considered legacy, so there are no official software updates rolling out. So if you go for this Tablet now, you end up with - in NiT terms - outdated Hardware & Software.

The both N Series devices N800 & N810 are hardware wise pretty much the same (processing power) and most important those have the current OS2008 and a good perspective in the future mer project.

So go with N800 (you should get a used device for under 100 ), forget about the 770.

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