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Unfortunately, none of the stores in my area have the N810, so I'm unable to judge to screen. Realizing that the human body compensates alot for lack of resolution and color, I was wondering whether the limitation of 64K color has any real effect on viewing photographs or watching videos. Also are there any other issues with the screen that I should be made aware of.
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I can't say I've notice any color limitation with my N800. The screen size is great for a handheld/phone, but small compared to a laptop. I find I hold the NIT about 12" when working on it and about 18" - 24" when watching a video & it's as good or better than my desktop for clarity.

For videos, you'll find (and read) that bigger limitation on screen resolution isn't in the screen itself, but the CPU / video data bus limitations for anything over 400x200.

I recommend replacing the screen protector often help keep everything crystal clear.
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The screen is great; it is probably the best screen you'll find in a mobile device.
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On small number of images banding is visible - but for reading 215dpi is priceless.
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So you're all basically saying that if I plan on watching TV shows, or movies or viewing pictures on the Nokia 810N, the screen resolution and amt of colors is fine, and I'll be satified with the screen. Is that correct?
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The screen is perfect for watching TV shows, movies, or pictures. The resolution is awesome with 225dpi and the colors are very good.
The only situation where you will ever notice that the screen isn't true color is when you're looking at pictures with smooth gradients that are not dithered at all.
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I have both n800 and n810 and the n800 has better color and contrast.

I think its a trade off between viewing outdoors in full sun. The n800 is reflective but not good in sun and the n810 appears not so reflective (slightly duller) but handles varying light conditions without washing out.

Both look good but for image or video quality (indoors) i'd pick n800.

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Now I'm tempted to buy the 800 instead of the 810, however I do like the keyboard. Not that I plan to do alot of websurfing, but it's nice to have in case I need to get on the web. Plus I'm a note taker, always jotting things down. I'm really getting this to show people pictures, and short video clips while not having to bring a laptop with me to do it. Hopefully, I'll learn linux also.
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I have been extrememly happy with my N800. 90% of the time surfing the web I don't need a keyboard...bookmarks, clicking links etc.

The times I have found that a "real" keyboard (bluetooth external) is needed is for light word processing and xterm. Otherwise the onscreen virtual keyboard is OK (not great but ok).

If you like hand written notes... there is handwriting recognition. I've not played too much with it yet so I can't comment on how good it is...

Or you might check out the application liqbase. I have found it to be very useful for taking quick notes.

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I was planning on using the BT to tether to my Treo 650, and use the keyboard to take notes on Google. It doesn't matter now, because I just ordered my N810 from a few minutes ago.
Can't wait, luv new toys.

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