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Since a bunch of codes available on the net are there any chances to make it alive on the lovely N9? apkenv is out of date. The Nitdroid port is dead too. I did a try with it and I can install the game but since the GPS does not work it's useless (and of course I hate Android). Maybe something native? Is it even possible?

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I think the mighty N9 would simply melt and explode should anyone try to profane it like that ; )

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No not possible, sfdroid for N9 uses Nitdroid which is too old, apkenv might work but doesn't support GPS, and if you try and do some shady port, Niantic or Nintendo could find out and block it, like Whatsapp have been doing.

There is a modified apk available that lowers the sdk requirement, and others have managed to use that with Alien Dalvik on the Jolla phone (Alien Dalvik on that is 4.1 same as nitdroid I believe), to get it working, not sure if Nitdroid supports GPS.

(you can't use it in sfdroid with Nitdroid as GPS is disabled)

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