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Hi all,

I would like to show you my new app. Cyklop is an super simple application that supports you in using bicycle sharing service. Mostly, it allows you to find free bikes or stations near you. Currently supports every system handled by Nextbike company, so according to their website, more than 80 cities from Germany, Austria, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, the United Arabian Emirates and New Zealand.

- shows list of nearest bike stations
- shows stations on map
- shows bike availability in stations

You can download packages for N900, N9 and Symbian form project website:

PS: for Bikers from Poland - Cyklop supports: Veturilo, Bemowo Bike, Opole Bike, WRM and PRM.



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good and useful app . But a pita Over here we need to buy a cycle to have a ride

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Getting a black screen and:

file:///opt/cyklop/qml/cyklop/maemo/main.qml:3:1: module "org.maemo.fremantle" is not installed 
     import org.maemo.fremantle 1.0 terminal here. Any ideas? Anyone else getting same thing?

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Wow but no love for sailfish

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Estel,i think you need from qt-components-10
apt-get install qt-components-10
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This is still working & so far doesn't need any maintenance. The best thing is it's reading xml from nextbike, so the list of cities is growing and always up to date. Another well written app.

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I added it to :

what other OS are you targeting ?
Please help to list all maemo existing apps :

I am looking for " 4 inch TFT LCD display screen " for Nokia n950 HandSet

Also, I need online storage to archive files :

Upcoming contest:

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nokia n9, nokia n900

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