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Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
'coz it's way cooler that way
It'd be cooler "I brought 30 N900" than "I brought 03 N900"
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Originally Posted by Ishtebeneverde View Post
Where exactly did you find it in Dubai? Somewhere in Deira or other parts of the old city?
Mine It was purchased from Abu Dhabi here is one for selling now check it out:

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Originally Posted by XDA Tinker View Post
Hopefully. Since how long it's been you haven't reflash your Nokia N900?

I did not reflash it since 2014...

Wow sorry for the delay
I try to come back here to see if there are good news...
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Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
'coz it's way cooler that way
03 is 3 in octal, like 0x3 is 3 in hex.

See, it's completely different.

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