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you were working in the same company as me?

THIS kind of future has really some time to arrive ...
SIM-Switcher, automated SIM switching with a Double (Dual) SIM adapter
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I have an NFC chip.. its handy.

However I am more comfortable keeping it on the outside of my body rather then in..
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It's not about monitoring staff for us. We have an open shared office space where we rent out our spare desks so I was going to write a web app where it knew which desks were empty that day and available. If we rent the desk out to a customer we know already, we enable that NFC signature on the locks.

The problem is, most of the people who take desks tend to be iPhone users IME.
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Originally Posted by lexik View Post
I love Deus Ex, Neuromancer, GITS and so on, and I will be the first one to get a microRPi to the skull, but this seems to be just RFID tag together with scalpel and DiY surgeon manual :P
The underclasses are starting to get desperate.

Your turn: DESPERATE.

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Also OP, I highly recommend to play Terminus Machina if you like biohacking, it has a semi-minigame in that mod, and it's plot is pretty good actually.

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The kind of thing David Icke likes to talk about. Sorry, I'll pass.
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