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I was wondering what is currently the best way to make generic sip calls on the 770? So far, the only working methods I have found is to use the internal Gtalk client with gtalk2voip and Gizmo.

Gtalk2voip seems a rather clumsy method, since you cannot use your contacts list, and have to type call for every call, and Gizmo does not seem to be compatible with the other sip services I have tried (mostly betamax-style sip accounts).
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AfAfter some hacking around with apt-get, I managed to get the bora version of osso-rtcom-beta
installed on os2007he, which allows me to add sip accounts, which seems to work for poivy, a
betamax clone. A minor issue is that the email 'app' now crashes when I attempt to use adresses from the addresbook (a known bug with rtcomm beta on bora). Oh well...
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rittf800, when I still had my 770 (thinking that it's dead now still makes me sob) I used Gizmo and it worked best with several accounts I tried. (What was especially worth noting: Gizmo was and still is the one client that almost always gets across NAT-situations in networks I can't control. I still have it installed for this very reason as a backup even though I now use Telepathy-SofiaSIP now on my N800.)

So if you experience problems with your SIP provider and Gizmo, maybe there's still some setting you missed. Did you try Gizmo-specific forums?

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