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This is the communication thread between me and Navicore (the company who created the GPS software for Nokia N770)

Dear Sales Officer

So you are telling me that after only two years your product reached end of life, what a waste of money considering that the version i baught was "2007" and there was no written notification refering to expiration issues for Nokia N770, something that Navicore should present on product boxes, now i end up with a useless GPS bundle and poor support.

This is very dissapointing.

Best Regards

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Dear Sir
Thank you for contacting Wayfinder

Unfortunately it is not possible to update the maps for the Navicore Personal for Nokia Internet Tablet N770. We no longer have updates for this software.
If you transfer the program to a Nokia N800 or N810 with OS 2008, it will be possible to update the maps, but in this device it is unfortunately not possible.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us again.

With best regards
Jenni H.
Customer support
Wayfinder Systems AB

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> Dear Support Officer
> I would like to inform you that i have baught the navigation bandle for Nokia 770 from expansys Navicore 2007 and i am trying to update my maps, with the application available from navicore site. The browser doesn't start and the application says that there is a network problem (i have tried this at home,at work, at friend's home).
> Lately i have observed that there is no link to the update website at your portal.
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You can also still use/install the license on a N800 or N810. Just apparently not on the (N)770.

There are people here who would like to buy your bundle.
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For thread completeness (and because I just updated my maps):

You can update to the 2008 maps on the N770 Navicore 2007 by downloading them directly and unzipping them onto your memory card from the following page:

Also, don't forget to update your software from this page (the update program didn't advise me there was an updated version of the software):

Interestingly there appears to be some differences between the English voice files on the above software compared to what came on the packaged DVD - they have a higer version number, are more compressed and some voices appear to have extra files whilst others don't.

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