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Hi, every one. I have a 770 with OS2007HE installed. I am no longer able update software. I have run the update function using the application manager and even after I disable all of the invalid repositories I only get one update (omweather). When I try to update that I get a message that there is a corrupted file.

I am not able to get into root for some reason. I have tried both sudo getroot and sudo becomeroot but neither will accept the rootme password. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here.

I can ssh to the device and it accepts the password there and run get-apt update but I still have the corrupted file problem when I go back to application manager and I don't know which file to delete.

Also, I have thought of loading the OS2008HE but I'm not sure whether it is practical for me.

Also, is there a script I could download and run to load the OS to the MMC card. I know there are explanations of what to do, but I am not that great in Unix to follow them very well.

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There's a deb for cloning the OS to a memory card:
i'm not that great in unix either. i'm still too scared to try dual-booting, but if i ever do it, i'd probably use that deb. looks pretty easy.

EDIT: if you want OS2008 on MMC and OS2007 on the device memory, i'm not sure how helpful the deb is, after all. maybe someone else can be of more help....

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