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To my surprise there is no lightweight / decent / comfortable IRC client for N900. Few days ago I have discovered sicelo posted his "Irssi 0.8.17 for N900, with perl script support" and this solved the problem for me. Here is how I'm using it. I thought that I would share my setup here (nothing special but you will have perfect IRC client in about 2-3 minutes of tweaking). [Separate highlight buffer is not covered here but I would add it too.]

The result is Irssi running fullscreen in native osso-xterm with bottom bar hidden (a lot more space!), nicks being colored and windows switching / scrolling using touch.

To hide xterm bottom bar in fullscreen:
gconftool-2 -s /apps/osso/xterm/toolbar -t bool "false"
[TIP #1: Invoking this command once makes the bottom bar always hidden when starting new xterm and going fullscreen; bool "true" to disable]

[TIP #2 When fullscreen press CTRL+Backspace to display task switcher / close window]

Scripts [~/.irssi/scrips/autoload/]:

- colorize nicks:

- windows switching / scrolling using touch:

The uses mouse wheel to scroll by default so modify the script changing:

settings_add_str("lookandfeel", "mouse" . $button . "_gesture_up", "/window last");
settings_add_str("lookandfeel", "mouse" . $button . "_gesture_down", "/window goto active");

settings_add_str("lookandfeel", "mouse" . $button . "_gesture_up", "/scrollback goto +10");
settings_add_str("lookandfeel", "mouse" . $button . "_gesture_down", "/scrollback goto -10");
This way Irssi looks extremely readable and swipe left / right changes to next / previous window and swipe up / down scrolls the buffer. PERFECT!

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Nice one.
But why a new thread? Please repost it in announcement thread, so we have all info together.
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