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Hi As I can see a lot of people would like to have the N950 avalaible to the public for sale. We could tel Nokia by signing a petition. Is someone willing to help me write what we should put on the petition
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I'd think you can forget about the N950 as it's not likely to get on the market. Why don't you start a new thread called "The epic N960 anticipation thread" and continue from there? If the N9 is a massive success i'd think that Nokia might make more Meego devices with and without hwkb. The N950 seems to be a lost cause though.
But the WM7 "horse" has a blood lineage tracing back to donkeys such as WM6.5, 6.1, 6.0, 5.1 that was fully neglected for too many years and Microsoft did sweet F all to maintain it (still running on Pocket IE4/6!!).
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As much as I want this phone and leave android to come back to a true linux base OS I doubt I get one. So now I got my eyes set on another phone, android of course the HTC doubleshot aka Tmobile Mytouch 4G Slide which has some nice specs and boast to have a better cam than the N9. So when Tmobile drops that I'll wait to see it in store before I make the jump. This HTC G2 is okay just want a better spec phone.
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Is this old news this video. It says it is N950?

No keyboard though. ????

gimme, plz lemme buy, take my money!, want noa!!

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