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In many cases it would be nice if i can use bluetooth headset at home connected to my pc. Ubuntu is my only OS and its not handling bluetooth a2dp. I tought, maybe there is a way to use n900 as usb soundcard, or channel the pc audio towards n900 trough usb any other way? It could send the audio then trough bt of even fmtrx.
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It is possible to use n900 as pulse audio server and stream audio over wifi to it and listen it on wire headphones. Never tried bluetooth ones but it should work

Good luck.

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Viktor, I though it was me trying to get a Sony Sixaxis working that ruined A2DP on my Ubuntu machine, I am surprised there has been no fix yet as it has been broken for almost a year.
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What i did was i shared my music through upnp. N900 can handle that natively. You can also control it via some upnp controllers.


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