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Contact them. If lucky, some of them may ship it internationally.

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Originally Posted by requiem_76 View Post
I ve got a brick in my hands because I can't order spare parts from India .....
...but only weeks away from being able to run Sailfish OS on a Sony Xperia X. I would spend the money on buying an Xperia device instead of trying to hunt down Aqua Fish parts from India. I will retire my Aqua Fish from which I'm typing this very post as soon as I have Sailfish X up and running (with working bluetooth).

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Someone linked this on (I think it was) TJC. They mention international shipping on their webpage.

And about the battery, you should be able to hack something together

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First of all: thanks to everybody! I really appreciate Your help.I send several emails, to see if they can send it abroad...we will see.....

About the Xperia project: I'm interested NO MORE in such projects, because....I don't wanna spend my time behind my mobile. You now what? I'm tired! I started (like everybody ,here) with Nokia N9, then the Jolla 1, then the Aqua Fish......
I do love Sailfish, I do miss ceciperez version of wapp (far,far away better than the shitty stock version), but ,at least, I wanna my sailfish phone with a bt ,wifi etcetc....working....

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