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Poll: How much would you be willing to pay for a Neo900 (complete device) with TI DM3730 1GHz/512M-RAM/1GB
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How much would you be willing to pay for a Neo900 (complete device) with TI DM3730 1GHz/512M-RAM/1GB

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Originally Posted by endsormeans View Post
makes about as much fiscal sense....
as investing in VIC 20 stock at this time.
(anyone remember the old VIC 20?)
Yaay, my first computer
But do you know it faced some severe marketing problems over here in german speaking region?
VIC 20 sounds like "F**k 20 times" or "20th F**k" so commodore rebranded it to VC 20 here
But everybody still knew, so it was a common gag to have the VC-20 logo replaced by a self printed "F***ER" label. (maybe only within my (dads) peer group tho). The only gripe i still have with it, my dad bought it only month before C64 introduction and i never got that iconic beast for ~5 years after release for financial reasons
Maan, those where the times. Typing down pages of printed basic code from magazines and not getting it to run, propably because of missing or wrong chars...

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oh god man!
that is priceless!

I remember those days....of code ..
and tape drives..
and magazines...

I remember there was this one game I got running on the VIC...
it was a "farming" game...
it dealt with variables like cost of pesticide, herbicide, seed, etc.
it dealt with cost of machinery, weather variables,
even at the end of season..
once one has gotten their crop in..
it dealt with sale of one's crop..
and trying to stay ahead of the curve of debt..
to afford to keep the farm running into the next year....

It was naturally based upon speculation.
Speculating based on current value of crops...
that investing in seed, supplies, equipment and labor ...
and praying the weather would be good..
and hoping that once the crops were brought in..
that one's gamble on the going price of that crop would pay off.

I grew up a farmer..
I figured it was a cakewalk to win at such a game...
but surprisingly ..
I lost.
and I kept losing..
I kept going bankrupt and losing the farm...
I checked and rechecked and rerererechecked the code...
it was correct..
I played every conceivable outcome...
and always lost...

and then it finally hit me..
and I laughed and laughed...
the game was dead-on a perfect farming simulation.

ah those were good old days.
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Idiot's Guide and a video walkthrough.
242gb ON N800

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Originally Posted by endsormeans View Post
get the latest pi with 2gb ram
get a battery
get a decent case
and get this...
i dont think latest pi comes with 2gb ram, you may have to look for some other sbc like tinker board if you want that much of ram. Well i am thinking of buying something like this for myself and been exploring options.
And i clicked on the e*bay link, it installed a link in my toolbar, i am unable to delete it . Sure i can remove the shortcut but when i customize the toolbar the option to add it in the toolbar is still there.
I am using Slimjet browser in PCLOS. It is certainly not an extension. May be i should uninstall it , m*f* didn't ask my permission to add it in the first place.
Sorry for my bad english
researcher on psoriasis

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neo900, thank you!

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