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A bug in the wpa2 protocol was found:
It looks like for other Linux (and android), wpa_supplicant can be changed to fix this bug, but it looks like something else does the WPA2 (is it handled within ICd2 or within the driver?)

Are w stuck without a patch?

Fortunately if you run https over WPA2 you'll still be fine, but I think I need a new set of certificates...

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Digging into the WiFi stack and figuring out what it will take to replace it with wpa_supplicant is actually on my to-do list.

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However would using wpa_supplicant affect using the device as a phone, to also select 2G/3G?

It seems that wpa_supplicant has been available for n900 but it's not commonly used.
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wpa_supplicant doesn't affect modem (2G/3G) in any way.

you can use wpa_supplicant on N900 (if you compile fixed version) just fine. However there are a few caveats in connection with how N900 handles connections and notifying applications of the availability of a connection.

Long story short: you need to stop wlancond so that wpa_supplicant can access the wlan0 interface. then you also need to use a 'dummy' network connection on the connection selection ui.

also, you need to do your own power management

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