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Hello, it's my first post, even if I know this forum pretty well. My english isn't best so I preferred to stay here and watch before.

Now I have problem that I can't come across myself, or even by reading forum.

Old repo is down, (as you all probably knows), when I'm trying to install anything from *.deb files I see errors, when I try to update repos, (or after adding repos) with CSSU enabler I seen arror about packages conflict with libqt4core. I removed it with apt-get (which works only when I try to remove anything) but new errors appeared. Even alarm clock is not working anymore.
How do I install qt if *.deb are not working and repo is not working?
I can even reinstall maemo if you only give me step by step instruction or at least tell me that it's the solution.
Please help

I already fixed few things, some repos are working now. But I'm still not able to update community SSU or even to finish apt-get update
apt-get it said me your system seems to be fremate1.3 but got . (free space)
it even made my type apt-get upgrade, and it finished with no errors, but IDK if it isn't troublesome.
After upgrade same error in update come again.
uname -a said:
Linux Nokia-N900 #1 PREEMPT Sat Jul 28 18:05:05 EDT 2012 armv71 unknown

CSSU update said that missing packages are libtelepathy-qt4-0 libtpsession libgq-gconf0 qtm-maemo-metapackage libconninet0

I tried to apt-get install libqt4* but it said that some packages are broken.
IDK how to fix it, but I made backup and I keep trying.

I have no idea what I'm doing anylonger.

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1. [NEW]: Since original Nokia system repositories vanished together with Nokia, please see to get working source of core system components. You'll need that to satisfy dependencies of packages you're going to install during the process.
I strongly recommend reflashing, see ( and)

Carefully watch for instructions in all those places, particularly
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