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Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
I agree with @pichlo on at least this point wholeheartedly; Choosing the appropriate init system is of utmost importance to the project!
This is what I've been trying to get at. Here and now isn't the only issue. Some consideration/ forward planning is needed. How well maintained is upstart now Ubuntu has dropped it? Do you take the time now to move to a new init setup with SystemD or another alternative or do you update all to modern upstart only to have to change it again later.

The WiFi stack is another good example. Do you spend ages reverse engineering the entire stack, updating and maintaining the whole lot or do you create a small compatibility layer wrapped around Debian/Devuan/Nemo/DistroOfChoice's usual WiFi stack/wpasupplicant.

With regards to init though, fmg has done some work on Upstart already. He has a booting example to start from using Devuan. So lets imagine we used that as a base. What's still needed? What's staying? What's being replaced? What needs updating? What needs to be in place temporarily to get it working but needs replacing in the long run?

Unfortunately the open/closed package list only tells part of the story.

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