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take the sources, play teh game!
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I can`t believe I missed this thread!
In my addiction of playing Vexed, I`ve taken my old SE P900 out from the drawer a few days ago because I couldn`t find N900 port of this all-time classic (I`m playing this game since SE P800 days). After searching repositories many times with different names I`ve lost any hope. It was very strange, as N900 is a perfect phone to have it (touchscreen, stylus), the game is very popular and exists virtually on any other platform.

I tried one more time to find any info about maemo port of Vexed, this time through google, and BINGO! Here it is! Absolutely great! It`s amazing to have Vexed on N900.

Now, I have 1.2-0.1 version installed, newest one at garage ( Game is playable, but there is a lot to be done - in UI department and some bugfixing. I can`t do it myself (zero knowledge) but I judge that it will not be that hard for one of the skilled programmers that we have here. I can provide feedback and testing.

PS - @kenga, thank You very much for this port, my N900 is more complete with it and P900 can return to it`s former place.

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