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I have already posted this as a new thread in the Applications page for Maemo 5. But I just want the devs to have a look at this concept. And i wish if anyone would make it. This is a quick reply Widget for Yappari - A whatsapp client for Maemo.

Many new features are available in Iphones and Android when it comes to instant messaging. Specially on whatsapp. IOs 8 introduced a new and quick way to send quick replies without opening the main app.

The best thing about N900 that makes it different are its widgets. With the help of widgets it can possibly be achieved. I am not a developer myself but as i was using this conversation inbox widget, i kinda thought to myself, what if Yappari has that same conversation widget OR a new advanced widget for quick replies.

So as I designer i started making the UI for the widget. I would like to make this proposal to the developers. If the users demand an advance widget for Yappari then please make it. Thanks..

1) So, The first one is pretty simple and a direct copy of the conversation inbox widget showing just the current number of unread chats and group chats.

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2) The real power of widget comes in this one as its a Quick reply widget for Yappari. The idea is that you can reply to your incoming messages right from the desktop, and the maximum word limit is 40. which defines the word quick.. And if you want to go to the app, simply click on the Yappari title bar and it directly takes you to the app for a full length message.

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Once the user has replied all the messages, the window will be empty as all the messages has been replied. Its a widget and not a desktop messenger guys. Lolz..

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If you find this concept of Yappari widget useful, then i hope you make it one day as I would love to have it on my N900. Cheers to the developers... Long live TMO..

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