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Still around just not always replying. Voted.

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Originally Posted by Halftux View Post
Need voters for kernel-power-headers 2.6.28-10power53. No testing is needed because it is tested and it makes no sence that the kernel-power is in extras but the headers not. So people who are able to vote are pleased to do so. We should have more than 3 active maemo users or am I wrong?
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Thank you all!

This must have been the fastest voting round ever

Thanks to halftux for discovering.
Thanks to sixwheeledbeast for setting up this thread.
Thanks to all voters (no need for me anymore to do so).

And especially thanks to pali for kernel-power and all his efforts!

And as I am in the thank mood: thanks to freemangordon, too.
And to juiceme.
And to Hildon Foundation and Maemo e.V.
And maybe Nokia.

And and and merlin1991 and and and all members (especially those hosting repo mirrors) and and and all other not explicitly mentioned and and and
thank you all Maemonians.

SIM-Switcher, automated SIM switching with a Double (Dual) SIM adapter
Thank you all for voting me into the Community Council 2014-2016!

Please consider your membership / supporting Maemo e.V. and help to spread this by following/copying this link to your TMO signature:
[MC eV] Maemo Community eV membership application,


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extras-testing, testing squad

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