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ok just dug out my old N800 and flashed back to stock os2008 but it seems my touch screen is flipped, it works but to press items at top of screen i need to press bottom, any ideas for a fix

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Not really an idea as you already flashed to stock. So there should not be such a hick-up.
The N900 has a touch calibration under settings. Do not know about the N800.
Maybe wait for endsormeans. He will know what to do
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yea the touch calibration is out aswell and just asks me to press nearer the cneter of the cross,

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Gotta love the faith there peter
interestingly I have encountered such um.."dyslexic touchscreen oddness"? ..(good enough term for it)...(myself having touchscreen convertible tablet pc's of all kinds) before...but not on the n8x0..

For starters ...terribly terribly sorry I didn't notice this thread before...
Having a NIT down for anyone for any period of time is a horrible thing.
Got my brains scattered across hell's eight acres lately hehe. man... you got some wicked issues there
I don't think this is something hardware related..
which is good...
but lets not just rule the possibility out yet.
If it is hardware'll be due to 1 of 3 possible factors..
1- moisture
2- extreme pressure at anytime applied to the touchscreen
3- the ribbon cable. on the n810 it takes alot of abuse in movement ..on the n800 it tends not to.

As a consequence ...I imagine it doubtful it is hardware related if it has been kept in good shape, including whilst in storage.

1st- if you can remem. exactly what you did (in order please) when reflashing ...that is a good place to start from.
ie- what flasher did you use?
did you install anything besides the stock or make any kind of alteration to the system whatsoever after reflashing?
(I'm sure I don't need to ask but..) did you flash the right firmware?
I'd imagine like can hardly remem. "everything" you exactly did...I've done it so many times I don't even think about the process anymore now..hence my walkthrough..which I think'm glad I did it since ...since I need it too now and again.. when I can't trust my memory because it has been ~ so many days, weeks, months or years since last doing it.

If you can't recall everything you did.. exactly ...and post it...
I'd suggest just running through the 3 posts at the bottom in my signature...
get a fresh copy of the firmware you need (just to be sure... assuming the prob. comes from some ..corruption perhaps? ..with the copy you have..) ..

and for expediency's sake as much as ease of use and it's bullet-proof, typo-proof nature..
utilize the nokia internet tablet software update wizard for windows to flash with ((make sure you allow administrative privileges (and possibly a couple of basic compat. settings depending on the os) if using greater than xp) to get it to run smoothly))

make sure you got your batt full..
and remove it for a few minutes from the housing..
(and just to make sure ...though I imagine it may not have any bearing whatsoever ..but better safer than sorry) cards inside or in the external in the device while reflashing and least until you check your touchscreen ..that is..
if after the reflash everything looks good ..then put whatever cards back in..
I suggest this since I faintly recall... longggg-time gone now...that there were some individs with calibration issues...and batteries and cards played their part.

after doing all that...
reflash the device again.
remem. exactly everything you do this time around..the order you did it in..even write it well note anything that looks out of the ordinary to you any odd behaviour out of the pc, the flashing software, or the n800..every detail would help.

the moment you've reflashed.. before you do anything else with it..check your touchscreen..
then post again what your device state is ..if it is in the same weird state can then post exactly what you did and how you did it.
then we can take it from there.
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