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Your thinking about xmms I think. But yeah the n800 supports 16 and 32 GB SDHCs. Otherwise it's magic that my n800 has two 16 GB SDHCs lol..
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They're maemo and MeeGo...

"Meamo!" sounds like what Zorro would say to catherine zeta jones... after she slaps him for looking at her dirtily...
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Originally Posted by iKneaDough View Post
So I'm guessing that the 8gb in their literature is either because an earlier firmware didn't support any higher, or because at the time of writing (many years ago) they didnt yet have any larger cards on the market.
8GB is the official maximum, i.e. the most that Nokia will guarantee will work.

This official maximum is probably determined by which cards they use in testing the product, it could be that they never tested the N800 with anything larger than 8GB because larger cards didn't really exist at the time (or weren't very common if they did).

The actual maximum is always a lot higher than the official maximum, for example the first S60 phones way back in 2003 had an official maximum of 128 megabytes but they worked with 1 gigabyte cards.

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Over Six years passed from last post to mine.

But question is up to date, will the n800 handle 32gb Class 10 microsd card? (With adapter)

Im going to buy SanDisk Ultra 32gb Class 10 for my n900 and I was thinking to buy 3 of those cards to upgrade my n800 to 64gb

Also Im in need of fast swap and I believe that this card will be "fast" exactly as fast xD
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endsormeans has 2 n800's with clone/dual boot 140gb and 242gb.
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Yup .
Fatalist has it right.
It was something to mess with..
I found it impractical though.
Something goes wrong with a 128gb card and alot of time and possibly what you have on it gone too...
down the toilet..that is not fun.

As far as best bang for your buck 32gb is grand.

Faster class speed is not always better though.
class 4 is optimal ...the sweet spot...higher will inevitably result in issues depending upon the purpose.

Back to the card size issue ....
In the end ...the best sitch just with modest 32gb cards I've found is not having 32gb in the internal and 32gb in the external..
Best is :
either 2gb, 4gb internal with cloned diablo turbo
8gb, 16gb internal with cloned diablo turbo, easy debian, buntu, easy mer, multi-partitioned ..
both methods are purely for the operating systems and racking up the applications...since it is easier to leave the internal card alone and just swap out cards out of the external while still having your device turned on.

Hence having say 2, 3, 4, ~nth 32gb cards with ...whatever you wish on them....and popping them in and out of the external as the need desires..

for example...
I am prone to enjoying reading and listening to I have a huge selection from my 1 TB ebook library and a modest selected discography on one card.

and on another 32 gb card I have nothing but my favourite film and eclectic shows transcoded to n8x0 perfection [since I will never read and / or listen to music WHILE watching a film only makes sense for myself to organize so.] everything from the entire works of Shakespeare on film...all the way down to "Hilarious House Of Frightenstein" and "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell" ...
essentially ...
stranded on a desert island with my n800 and my Solio charger...
I'm good.
Got everything I will ever need...shy of food and shelter.

the last 32gb card has all my work and texts for reference on it and a generous instrumental discography for when I wish to work away from home.

2 always sit in the book cover case slots and 1 is always in the external it is convenient

So for conveniences sake I have 3 32gb cards for constant n8x0 use.
They all are micro sdhc 32gb class 4 cards with the sd card adapters ...
I have been using for years and years and have performed admirably without fail.
All the data on them is backed up in external storage I have ...just in case 1 does is easily replaced and data recovered.
And because the micro 32gb I use ...I can chuck them into my n810 with a mini sd card adapter or into my n900 too...
So I am not limited to any of my N.I.T's with my data, work, music, or film.
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