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Originally Posted by flanker View Post

Any idea? What I'm doing wrong? What else I can try?
Use Android phone with 4G/LTE capable SIM.
Or something similar (i don't know what else is available as i dont use android)
Check what LTE/4G bands you can see with Android phone:

If those bands are not in this list:
Bands 3,5 (FDD) and 40 (TDD)
- try to find place where you get one of those bands (from network provider coverage map or walking in the city center and around the country)
-> if your network provider does not support any of those bands -> you can not do anything

If one of those is visible in Android phone. Stand in the precise same spot all the time. Put that SIM to intex and you should get LTE/4G if APN settings are ok. If not -> continue debugging.

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In Germany only T-Mobile can connect to 4G / LTE on the Intex. All other Providers, which work in LTE-Networks out of the Box on Jolla 1, Fairphone 2 and OnePlus X can't use 4G at all, because of the missing Bands.

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Originally Posted by lantern View Post
after unlocking, Beeline operator started working on Intex. It uses 7 and 20 bands. I don't know which band exactly was unlocked successfully.
I have used your method with some modifications to hack my aqua fish. Here is the report.

4g lte intex

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