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This is part II (see part I) of my Nokia N810 Internet Tablet walkthrough. In the video I show OS 2008, show what's new, and demo Rhapsody, again all in HD. Video Time: 16 mins 03 secs Video Size: 106.6MB Watch Video: Watch the HD video after the jump or right click this link to download the video. YouTube version coming. [qt:/videos/tablet101/TheN810PartII.m4v 480 288]
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Thanks Reggie! Excellent quality (video & content), looked great watching on TV.

It's just this kinda stuff that is helping me cope with the imminent arrival of my N810!

I understand Nokia defaulting to the larger menus for finger use, as they expect users to use the stylus less on the N810 as it has a keyboard. However I really hope OS2008 still allows the use of the small menus, ideally via an option to force it one way or the other. As others have already mentioned on the forum the smaller menus can be navigated quicker due to substantially more items viewable on screen at once.

Don't mind Nokia setting such default options for the masses, but I just hope Nokia leave the ultimate choice to the user. I'm sure they wouldn't want to be accused of MS style "we know best" school of thought...
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I don't get to see too many reviews 'bout the apps -- I especially liked the jaiku bot demo.
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Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, app demo videos are coming.
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