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Originally Posted by endsormeans View Post
I was looking at what you wrote Ridd...
(hahahaha "wrote Ridd" ...sounds hilarious when said... )
That reminds me of a reader's letter to some IT magazine I read years ago.

The sender was describing how the management at their company were deciding on the name for the new bug tracking system.
They settled on "Bug Writ".
We can only assume that they never tried to read it out loud.
In particle accelerators atoms are indeed not only touching each others. But banging together in a massive explosive orgasm.
-- nieldk in a TMO post

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Heyoo. You ask me about my n800 device beeing up-to-date. It is. When I join the community I was a NOOB. I meant what I said.

Now I came a long way. All my mameo devices are in good care. It is still bring me joy and fun. The problems with media player doesn't concern me anymore.

Now I can say that I understand how the device and OS works. I'm not an expert but my desire to now WHY? allowed me to keep my devices in working order.

XMMS, killali, Mplayer. We can talk about any app we want and I can show you how I fixed the problem.

Now, I'm still using n800 connected with blutooth with my P8 Huawei phone to get GPS FIx, with navit and I can find a way "home" with this lets say simple navigation app

But it is all because of the community. You all taught me all how to live with old devices in today's world.

Thank you all!

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