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Posts: 549 | Thanked: 502 times | Joined on Feb 2008 @ Bowling Green Ohio (united states)
Gameboy Advanced > Gameboy Advanced SP > Sony PSP > Nokia N800 > Nokia N900
I'm an advanced user and a bit of a modder.
I am involved with Mer, Deblet, and NITdroid.
My ports/creations/hacks: GNOME (for Deblet), Cdeb2», Ubuntu, playable flash games in the "Get Started" app, DBS, ect...

enhanced fedora port has been canceled in favor of NITDebian (TBA)
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Can't go as far back as some of you guys so i'm going to list my more recent phones..

Sony Ericsson T68i
Motorola V600
Samsung D600
Nokia N93i
Nokia N95 8gb
Nokia N900
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Motorola Startac (could not kill this thing)
Sidekick 2
Nokia 8810
Nokia 8890
Motorola RAZR
Motorola SLVR
Nokia 7190
Nokia 7610
Motorola F3 (only for overseas travel)
iPhone 3G (current)
PDA/Internet Tablet:
HP Jornada 547
iPaq 2210
Nokia 770
Nokia N810 (current)
Portable Game Systems:
Atari Lynx
Turbografx Express
Gameboy Color
Gameboy SP
PlayStation Portable (PSP-1000, 2000 & 3000)
Nintendo DSi
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I was a late starter.

2005: bought Motorola RAZR
2006: bought Nokia N800
2007: gave Motorola RAZR to daughter, bought LG Viewty
2008: sold Nokia N800, bought Nokia N810
2009: gave LG Viewty to other daughter, bought Nokia N900
Soon: will sell the Nokia N810
Posts: 166 | Thanked: 154 times | Joined on Dec 2009

Ericsson A2628 (keypad died after 6 months)

Samsung N500 (I still love it's design, gave it to my sister I think she still has it somewhere)

O2 X3 (had it for two weeks, went back to O2, utter cr** felt like an unfinished prototype but was probably the first to play mp3s)

Motorola E398 (quite cool for the time, bit slow at times but brilliant build quality)

Sony Ericsson K750 (still have it somewhere)

Nokia N95 (gave it to my girlfriend)

Nokia N900 (will stay for quite some time )

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Posts: 631 | Thanked: 412 times | Joined on Dec 2009 @ Kaliningrad, Russia

Palm T|X is the best of the best PDA in the world, I still use it. And nokia 3310 is a best cell phone!

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I've had the odd none nokia... but here's my list of phones that i have had myself or used at work.
Nokia 2110, 8110,5110,6110, 8810, 3210, 7190,8210, 3310, 6210(i loved that one!), N93, 3410,6310, 7290, 3120, E61, 1110, N93(Woah!) , E90, E71,E63 & the N900

Somwhere in there i had a crappy samsung and an Orange SPV (or two i think!)
----------- Follow me on Twitter here
----------- My Photography Website and Blog is here
----------- Author of the N900 Health Check Application ----------- New Version in Extras Devel (Dec 2010 - 2.9.10)
----------- Are you on the N900 World Map? - - masterpin: shotgun
----------- What apps do you want to see on the n900 or in MeeGo in the future? -
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Wow -- I'm seriously out-geeked by you gadget-lovers. My story is quite different. I buy a very few things and milk them for all they're worth.

Palm m125 (still works & can briefly entertain kids on trips, although I've stopped using it as a PDA due to lack of rechargeable batteries)
Nokia N810 (e-mail, maps, podcasts, music library, YouTube, games, notes to self, RSS, weather, remote desktop, basic web browsing, and just about everything else)

My cell phone is a $20 flip phone with prepaid service. That's literally my whole list.
* n810 since Feb 2009
* Most-used apps: Opera, gPodder, Panucci, Tomiku, Canola, Quasar, MaemoMapper, ATI85, Maemopad+, AisleRiot Solitaire, Anagramarama, Rapier, Gnumeric, pyRDesktop
* Mobile-friendly URLs of popular sites
Posts: 883 | Thanked: 980 times | Joined on Jul 2007 @ Bern, Switzerland
Ascom Axento
SE PH388/377?
SE T39
Sagem my-X6
SE K750
SE W810


Palm Pro
Palm III
Palm V
Sony Clie TH55
-Tom (N900, N810, N800)

"the idea of truly having a computer in your pocket just moved a big step closer."
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Interesting question, let's see.

Motorola i1000plus
Newton 2100
Motorola i830
Nokia 770
Nokia 6682
Nokia N800
Samsung SGH-A717
Nokia 5800
Nokia RX-51
Nokia N900

Those are all devices which have, at one time or another, occupied one or both of my primary mobile device slots (phone, mobile computer). There are a couple of others which I really only used incidentally, and that includes a Palm m105 and a Palm T|X.
Ryan Abel

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