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Has anyone found or developed a Barcode Reader application for OS2008? While most of the focus has been on the consumer aspect of the NIT, do not forget that there is quite a bit of business potential.

I am not a developer, nor coder. For a barcode reader application, that could connect to any commercially available scanner (symbol et. al.) via bluetooth or usb, and could store/export inventory information to DB, I would buy (pay real money). I'm sure other business might also.

I want to dump the laptop, and when driving to client sites I use the n8x0 for Nav, music, com, why not inventory management?
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Some previous discussion here (though mainly about 1D barcodes):

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They have a Linux driver that might be possible to get working on the N800, it allows you to directly pair a Metrologic (or other) Bluetooth barcode reader and interpret it.
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You know, I'd forgotten about that... I've got a C build environment up again, so I'm gonna have to give that stuff from the other thread a shot one of these days...
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would be nice thou to make a screenshot from the camera and have that sifer (sp) the barcode. I could see where this has potential....
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I found a web-based decoder for QR Code 2-D barcodes. I took a picture of a QR Code barcode with the Camera app and uploaded it using the online form and it decoded fine. It was just a URL though. Barcodes with more info in them might require a camera with higher resolution.

Try taking a picture of this barcode and uploading it. The response should include the URL for wikipedia.
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Not sure if this will help but I found it I didn't do enough reading to see if the sources are there and I'm not sure if it can be compiled to run on maemo or not just a quick search pulled it up.
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Just connected my Adesso 2000U USB Barcode scanner to my N800 using USB Host mode and it is working just fine.
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Originally Posted by eetimm View Post
On my last job, we used hacked 770's with a battery-powered usb hub to drive a ccd barcode scanner. We wrote a web-based order picking application to pick orders in the warehouse.

We placed a wireless router high up on the warehouse racking to get broad coverage. We then had the ability to wirelessly check inventory status from anywhere in the warehouse. It was a cool system, and we put it together for around $250 per unit (770, hub, scanner, cables) which was way cheaper than most dedicated barcode readers.

This does not really answer the question of if you can read barcodes with the built-in camera, but you certainly can build a nice warehouse tool cheaply, using a hand-held scanner.
Which battery powered hub did you use? Did you try to "ruggedize" the 770? Really cool solution either way - beats the $1000+ equivalent dedicated devices out there..
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Originally Posted by bluesubaru View Post
The easiest way I've found to get bookmarks on the N800 is to email them. Whenever I'm on a page (on my PC) that I would like BookMarked on the N800, I right click an select "send link"
I just use xmarks in firefox, and then have a bookmark on the n800 for myxmarks mobile site. You can use the myxmarks regular site, but I find the mobile site to be faster as it doesn't need javascript.

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