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Originally Posted by TheFriendlyFiend View Post
when I try to copy that file to /etc/openvpn it says that I cannot copy a file there, I don't have the rights, "permission denied"
roor i sufficient to write to /etc/openvpn/

But, did you try to copy to


First one is a folder, and could result in such an error.
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Hey guys,

I managed to get in done (permission denied- stuff) by downloading the 'rooted' filebox on openrepos. So far so good.

But I managed to screw things up. I de-installed openvpn trought quicktweaks with the thougt to install it again. But I can't install it with N9quicktweaks anymore....

It says: cp: can't stat '': No such file or directory

In may this year everyting worked fine. Is it because of N9Quicktweaks?

The is still availabe in Post 1 of this topic, but what do I do with it?

Can anyone confirm is isn't working anymore?

Edit: I have the same problem as Anatolian had in 2015...

Originally Posted by Anatolian View Post
This is the fault when ı trying to install openvpn what can ı do to solve problem ?
Makes it more stranger... Anyone?

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