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Came accross this by accident, not sure what to make out of it.

Key words:
  • Extremely private and secure environment
  • High levels of encryption
  • Secure operating system
  • No backdoors

A lot of buzz online with little real info. All articles just link back to their website.
I remain to be convinced. We've seen many similar claims before.
The one thing I like is how their web site follows the mouse cursor

Sorry about the noise. Just found a bit more info: "GranitePhone’s selling point is the GraniteOS, a version of Android customised by Sikur." Not sure I could put "secure" and "Android" in the same sentence in a meaningful way.

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Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
Not sure I could put "secure" and "Android" in the same sentence in a meaningful way.
You nailed it there.

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->>> Not sure I could put "secure" and "Android" in the same sentence in a meaningful way.

-As expected

-And the web site runs when you allow the Google ad services, pfff

Sikur: "We have developed complex projects for governments and corporate customers that wish to preserve their greatest asset – their information."

-Isn't our information one of the greatest assets of the government and some corps they cooperate with? Would you trust as an individual your greatest asset to a company that is under leverage of big gov and corp accounts that want to know exactly how this thing works and have the secret backdoor key?

-As seen on CNN , MSNBC , hehe

On the positive site, an Adroid OS version developed by Sikur will probably have the said secure Sikur video conference system integrated on board.

That is one step further than the lazy approach away from the seamless integration we got to enjoy in Maemo and which even Jolla refuses to offer its fans.

-Thanks for the interesting info (and entertaining read)

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Personally I agree on rhe "secure" Android dingy.

But.... I have to get hands-on with blackphone.
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I like the fact that it's ”Secure” but i don't like the the overall specs... i guess that privacy does comes with a price.. But i don't see it satisfying my needs.. Too bad cause i,m looking for a Jolla Phone follow up..

Ps any suggestions ?
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The mouse cursor thingie is from
Not sure where did that eyecatcher come from, no license mentioned, unlike skeleton
Eyecatcher is an old one:
And here:
Thank you. Best wishes.

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