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Does anyone know what our chances are to see working transparency on chinook ?
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Originally Posted by TA-t3 View Post
hmm.. no, my rightmost icon is Skype, which I use often.. never a problem. But there were some threads about screen sensitivity problems near the right edge, I'm not affected so I don't know if that would be software or hardware.. on the other hand you said that it sometimes triggered the leftmost icon, that sounds more like a simple-launcher problem. Could be that it depends on the size of the icon - the Skype icon is fairly large.

BTW my version of simple-launcher is 0.9.5, for OS2007.
may be, i have right now the osso file manager as the right most icon and the emelfm2 icon as the left most.

just did a experiment, dragged the right edge to half-cover the osso icon, when it tried to tap the icon the edge moved one step to the right until it was half again a icon away from the osso icon, then the osso icon triggered.

when i then dragged the edge so that it was right next to the osso icon, i get the emelfm2 launched when trying to launch the osso filemanger...

that is if anything launch at all...

i also recall having problems with the rightmost icon when using simple launcher on the 770. there half the right most icon went missing when i turned on background "transparency"...

and for the record im using a N800, not a N810...
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I have transparency ticked but I get a black background, Ive reebooted a few times but I cant get it to display w/o the black background, but that means very little as this is the best app Ive seen yet, trudging through those menus for every task was a PITA, thanks for your hard work


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