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Just finished progress-spinner spec.

Blog entry with full spec here:

Made an example animated gif to show how it looks like:

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Would 5 circles be better? Just my option.
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Yeah, more circular shape would look nicer IMHO.

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i would love that on n900 , maybe a patched hildon with that interface(i've tried all nemo versions on n900 , they're too slow to be usable even emmc with sd swap) ,willing to pay for it if someone makes that posible
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Circular spinners are way overused. Let's be different!
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If you don't want a shape spinner (circular, square etc.), you can use shape morpher. I.e. design one shape to be beginning, and other shape to be the end, and the progress/activity can be be displayed as morphing. I didn't see such activity indicators used often.

Another idea is to use a 3D style indicator, but that should fit with 2D design well.

I like how WolframAlpha for example uses a miniature game of life as an activity indicator.

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Let me get this out of the way. This is nice. There's nothing reaching too far here. But, it plays with the methods and behaviors many already know, and refines a good bit of what needed to be touched. Impressive, and one can see the work in some of the details.

That said, I don't know if its more of a step back than a half step forward.

I saw/see the N9 as a step towards using the actvity stream as the center of the interaction. Fastlane seems like a step forward in that wise. If this were a full step forward, its leaving the icon-first though, and using the activity stream, gesture-led initiation, and then search/multi-task as that layering-speak UI.... ahhhhh... smiling, excited.

Gosh, I've got to break out my design chops and do something alongside Glacier UI. Seriously, good stuff here. I just see a bit more.

If my attention span can maintain it a bit... I'll go in on this.

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make it for n900 plz

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wont appear nice on small area ... and why not using 4D then

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Originally Posted by bandora View Post
Way better than Jolla's UI imo
naah. I like sailfish pulley menus and Ambient theme
Go librem

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