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I just renamed faenza icons made by Tiheum at deviantArt -- Thanks a lot. As I saw no one posted this iconpack for N9 I decided to put it in this forum.
Someone has made Faenza theme for N9 which I found only support stock Icons.
All icons are from Tiheum creation, except for folder Icon which I extracted from Ancelad's Sailfish Theme, and Calendars Icon from the Faenza Theme. Thanks to both of them.
The iconpack is not complete at all, though It covers a handful of third party icons. If you want to complete it you can grab the original Icons from the author page directly.
The archive contains two folders, sorted and unsorted. Just copy the content of the sorted folder to the root folder using filebox root, overwrite all, and do a full refresh.
the unsorted folders contain some opt icons which I dont have the respective apps installed by the time I sorted the Icons



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Thanks for sharing!


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