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Poll: How much would you be willing to pay for a Neo900 (complete device) with TI DM3730 1GHz/512M-RAM/1GB
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How much would you be willing to pay for a Neo900 (complete device) with TI DM3730 1GHz/512M-RAM/1GB

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Originally Posted by gerbick View Post
From this forum alone, I could point to three failed projects that have affected me personally. You may not believe in refunds; however I do not believe in continued investments in failure.
True, too. One needs to balance between the possibility of the gain if the device gets to production and the loss of money if it doesn't. Every case is different.

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Originally Posted by Ken-Young View Post
I think the neo900 project should poll its backers now and ask "How many of the people who have pre-ordered would pay the remaining cost if the device was available to ship tomorrow?". I suspect the number would be very small. I pre-ordered, and I would not pay $100 more to have the device in my hand tomorrow. If, as I suspect, only a few of the persons who pre-ordered are willing to put up the rest of the cost for the device, then what sense does it make to continue the project?
I would pay the remaining cost, for all the Neo900 devices I pre-ordered. I understand that Neo900 is way out-of-date, but there is lack of qwerty sliders, Linux phones, mobile devices with resistive touchscreen, and similar, in modern market. Neo900 even supports 4G (see modems available), and it has nice camera (better cameras have come out since then, but most of them are on closed-source devices).

Besides, cost of each Neo900 device includes not only Neo900 device itself, but also N900 motherboard, if I remember correctly. It encourages experimentation, just like the Neo900's hackerbus does.

And I have heard of no other phone/computer manufacturer who listens to consumers. I like Nokia 8110 4G, but I don't expect Nokia to listen to my feedback and make it available in silver, or to include RGB backlight for the keys. At the same time, I already have a white housing for a Nokia N900 on my shelves - similar to . And Neo900 will probably have RGB backlight for keyboard (not sure about status of that).

In short, I don't like to give up. Especially when there seems to be no other company seeking to maintain devices across decades and centuries. Every other phone-making company seems to like making single-use closed-source difficult-to-repair boring devices.

Thank you. Best wishes.
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neo900, thank you!

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