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A new thread so you can go out and bring us photos we enjoy

This months theme gives you much freedom: "Experiments"
Your photo can be one with experimental lighting or a crazy (physical) color filter,
but I also encourage you to take your time and attempt to capture a Iodine clock while it switches or even to finally try out that crazy thing you saw on youtube labelled "do not try at home"
Still: Be careful! (especially with lasers)

Rules as usual:
Photos must be taken during this month (after theme is announced)
Photos must be taken by the posting member
Photos must be taken with a camera phone
Users post only one photo per entry
Users can change the entry only once
Users must name the phone they used

Last three days of this month are for voting

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"Daaad, i am doing an experiment, it involves you donating some blood"
Me: "Ahhh, how fitting"
(Free translation from german)

Taken with Jolla C and cropped with Gimp

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Literally giving your blood for the competition?
You set quite high standards with the first picture mosen

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Just a friendly reminder:
Only two days are left!

My attempt with a laser and a Khet game
(totally awesome, except if your enemy knows chess and you don't)

It turns out, making a laser beam visible isn't easy if you don't have access to cold smoke which doesn't rise from the ground. Before I snatched the 808, the beam vanished again.

Old picture:

So i devised a system to blow smoke over the field consisting of an old laptop as fan,
an incense cone inside a box with two holes and a bit of Lego and a wooden plate.
Also a tripod helped.
The card boxes and piles are there to stabilize the laser and to keep its button pressed.

The setup:

Bonus video:

Voting will start at 17 a clock on Friday. Late entries are welcome, will get a number and users can change their vote at will within the voting period.

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Just two entries yet.

Voting starts:

1. mosen, Jolla C

2. Macros, Nokia 808 Pureview

3. Greendts (Late entry after April 30), no phone specified

As mentioned above, all late entries will be added to the list and votes can be changed till voting ends.

Some ideas for latecomers:
Take your friend/loved one/kids for a trip to the museum.
Construct a Rube Goldberg machine on your desk.
Trickle some ink into water
Change a flowers color

Happy voting.

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This was not my month... too busy and no suitable experiments to catch for picture...

Both pictures are good but my vote goes to #1 mosen...

And btw. I don't have friends or kids... and here is no museum nearby... What the hell is than RG-machine???... There is no water here, only snow... and no flowers...

N9 - My Precious

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#1, mosen

Likewise, no time for experiments this month
In particle accelerators atoms are indeed not only touching each others. But banging together in a massive explosive orgasm.
-- nieldk in a TMO post

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Only two, but still hard to choose . . .

#1, mosen.

How often I've "donated" blood to my kids' "experiments", I've lost track.

Regarding Macros entry -- which I also love -- I seem to remember an old optics lab sign that read: "Do not look in laser with remaining eye".

Aha, here it is (or a reasonable facsimile):


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I have many old experiment fotos
but sadly no time to perform new ones.

The green laser is beautiful
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How do I upload a photo?? Never tried, so I have no idea. Why does it ask for a website? Am I meant to upload elsewhere and share?

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