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1) I have downloaded N9QuickTweak, alas, I cannot load it properly. Bash is not installed and when it tries to install, aegis rejects. I've seen Aegis hack (, is this what I need? Will I need to do it on the computer because n9 web client cannot open dropbox?

2) In n9qtweak wiki page (, I tried the--use MeeCatalog from the Store to add from the well-known catalogs list, Harmattan SDK repository and in terminal as root type the following:

apt-get update
apt-get install bash

There is no meecatalog, I don't know whether I'm rooted (typed devel-su and tried typing rootme but no letters would appear as I pressed them), in short, it's a mess and I suck.

Even when I do finally get it, thanks to meamo community <3, I looked and there doesn't seem to be event screen mods. I had a bb z10 for some time and liked the hub, I like how the n9 has something similar like the event screen, but it seems to be concerned with social feeds rather than the business end. Is there a way to add calendar, messages, and email feeds in that order?

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You have installed ?

Go to this link to get access to Coderus repo:

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