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He might have said in his resignation letter .. "Me Go"

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Not a good sign for MeeGo. Jaaksi was clearly one of the few people at Nokia who "gets it" - so if he's leaving, what does that say about the current state and future of MeeGo?

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Nothing on his blog yet.

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How's Quim going on? Is he OK? :/
Ernesto de Bernardis

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Sad news indeed.
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Just one more sign for the marriage between Microsoft & Nokia!

I donīt like the idea of Windows Phone 7 on my beloved Nokia devices, but it could be at least Nokia last chance...

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Quim is fine. And MeeGo is fine. We all will miss Ari, a true pioneer of open source and taking Linux mainstream. We have built the first tablets under him and he was the man that run R&D to bring the first Linux phone from Nokia to the world. Whatever he does next, I will miss him. He was a true professional when it comes to managing free open software in the commercial world. No idea where we would be if we wouldn't have had him for the last years. But the show must go and will go on. Keynote speakers for MeeGo Conference will be announced shortly. We are not running out of execs being proud of the community.

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same article describes meego as 'not so good at the moment'
maybe im psychic for predicting that meego wont be working properly for a long time after release date either,
or maybe i just know nokia all too well!
born to rage against them

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Okay, now when all leading guys have left, they could form a new firm which would release pr1.3 :P

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