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Meeting held 2015-05-19 on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

William McBee (gerbick), Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme),

Gido Griese (Win7Mac),

Partial: Oksana Tkachenko (Oksana/Wikiwide),

Absent: Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen), Alexander Kozhevnikov (MentalistTraceur),

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • HiFo and MCeV: transfer
  • Referendum

Topic (HiFo and MCeV: transfer):

  • For those under the impression that Nokia could deny us moving everything to MCeV: chemist is not in the position to share details of the agreement but what he can share, is that in case of HiFo moving *all* assets to a new/other entity Nokia has to be notified, not asked for permission, and the *new entity has to kiss the ring.
Topic (Referendum):

  • The referendum options must be debated for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the referendum; referendum voting will be open for the same length of time as the council elections [1 week].
  • Define the council responsibility, besides holding all elections. The issue is, since Council is elected by all Passive Members and not just GA, Council has to be limited in power, since GA is the native "superior force" in any e.V.
  • Referendum would include changes to council election rules: altered all "1 month" to "4 weeks", got rid of that obscure "Nokia Community Manager"...

Action Items:
  • -- old items:
    • The selected Code of Conduct (KDE) still needs to be published on (T)MO.
    • Looking into automatic calculation of election results ...
    • Contacting freemangordon and merlin1991 about auto-builder: CSSU-thumb target, GCC versions?
    • Getting maemo trademark registration (everywhere?) renewed (and transferred to MCeV) by the end of February (or within six months since expiry date).
    • archiving Ovi/Nokia store, especially for Harmattan.
    • Contacting Daphne Won on Facebook and LinkedIn to get administrator rights on Facebook for a Maemo member to migrate the plugin to v2.0 API and maintain it in the future.
  • -- new items:

Link: Original article.

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