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I Am very interested indeed in the Nokia N770, as i think it will utilise my home wireless network, so that i can just chill anyway in my home with this little beauty . Whereas to do the same with a cluncky laptop or tablet to fireup and have sitting awardwardly on my knee or having to sit at a table or such to use, is definitely not chilliing.

But i was wondering about other features of the N770, which if available would indeed cause me to dig however deep into my pockets to purchase.

Would it be possible for someone to confirm, if the N770 could be used for the following other than internet browsing.

Can the N770 be used to be part of a wireless home network. Whereby i could play a DVD movie on my home PC and stream it wirelessly to watch on the N770. And be able to see shared out directories on my PC.

Thanks for helping

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I would not see why it couldn't. If you have the home PC setup as a web server, would should be able to point the video player to the machine's address that is "broadcasting" the video. Under the Video supported formats, it states it supports real video. I do not have the immediate resources to test this out, but it "should" work.
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I would just get a laptop for that. The N770 is better for those who just want to surf the web; to do anything else a full fledged laptop would be better, especially because video playback is really slow and choppy.
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Something similar is the wlanTV that smeone's working on. Check it out:
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I still haven't tested this, and will do so tonight, but just thought of something... you do not even need it set as a web server. In your router, just make a new port forward like 9000 and forward that to your machine with the movies. Set a shared folder on the machine and store your movies in there. Then, where ever you're at, point your browser to your http://externalIP:9000 , this should hopefully open my shared folder, and then play your movie. This device should be able to stream all it's supported file formats over a browser session.

Like I said, I'll test this out tonight and give you an update. I could see this useful when not at the house and wanting to watch a movie, like sitting at an airport or coffee shop with wifi...
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Originally Posted by williad

Would it be possible for someone to confirm, if the N770 could be used for the following other than internet browsing.

You can use it as a remote display to any other computer anywhere that authorizes you to open an X display on it. Your TV isn't a computer but look at the programming it can display to you. This is the same way. You don't have to use it as a computer. You can use it as a way to open a display to any computer that is remote to you. It does this by way of a program it contains called the X Server.
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With Mac's using that X thing, I have no idea how to use it, but... the good news : I was able to, over my home wifi, able to get files from my Home PC running Windows XP to actually stream to the device. The bad: it took me a couple of times to get it right, and I was only able to get mp3's and pls files to work, but I believe it is only due to me not having ANY files in the correct codec supported by the 770. To do this on windows, I had to do the following:
First, install IIS so I can enable web connections to the machine from other locations. And I had to add my other hard drives as virtual directories (or place files into the webroot). SOOO, I was able to basically point the Audio player on the 770 to http://localhost/FolderOrVirtualDirectory]/[] . I also had to enable port forwarding for HTTP to point to my PC IP address. All in all, this is definitely a possibility, it is just I only have xvid encoded avi's, or mpegs not in the right format to access them in the video player. I am gonna try a little more later on this. Another benifit of testing this out is I will be able to do this from anywhere now, as long as I know my external IP as well.

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Thanks very much guys
Am buying the N770


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