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Hmm... the GNU Radio looks very, very promising!

I think they could do it with software now, but a small device like this would have to have a dedicated processor for doing the decoding/encoding, which means it would need a better (more expensive) battery to have two processors running simultaneously (and sharing data continuously). But, I think if Nokia has the marbles... They could certainly try this if they wanna go big with the battery life:

Maybe Nokia will be the first company to try it out (I wouldn't mind paying the bigger price for something nuclear powered)
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I can definitely think of some uses for those batteries, but probably they won't be necessary for a software radio; I think that we are on the edge of an explosion in processor speed. Intel's 80 core chip is one of many recent announcements that seem to leave Moore's law in the dust.

Karel and Aisu, I left software concerns out of my personal wish-list because Gnome simply can't make me happy. Here is a short version of my software wishlist:

- A software engine that can use models of software to separate program logic from the UI and from the hardware implementation. (URL=""][/URL])

- A UI theme in animated 3D - I-poddish but better.
- Other themes for 2D, phone screens, Audio/Speech only, etc.

- Application definitions for data types: text, text+annotations, pictures, records, lists, folders, numbers, strings, time/date, music, video, etc.

- Data source definitions such as streams from hard-drives, networks, cameras, microphones, etc.

- Data maps for common file types/protocols such as gif/jpg/png (pictures), avi/mpeg (video), Ogg/mp3/etc. (audio), Word/ODT/AbiWOrd/HTML (annotated text), etc.

- Hardware models for Arm, ix86, massively parallel core chips, heterogeneous grids, etc.

- Distributed system image so that user data/processes do not rely on any single machine.

- Friend based, social orientation.

- For the 3D theme (openGL), printing, screen rotation, etc.

So, you see, as long as I have the hardware I need I don't care a huge amount about Nokia's software.

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MINI-DVI outlet (this would sell a million - imagine taking your n800 for a presentation instead of a laptop...
(second best: full usb support and support for USB-VGA driver)

Enough RAM to support OpenOffice (yeah, I know, that's a while off )

Crash-proof GPE with full synching support
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Originally Posted by urilabob View Post
MINI-DVI outlet (this would sell a million - imagine taking your n800 for a presentation instead of a laptop...
(second best: full usb support and support for USB-VGA driver)
I'll third that motion. VGA-OUT would be vedy vedy nice. So would general USB host mode for HDDs, WiFi dongles, keyboards, and all other USB devices on the market (I've got a USB->I2C dongle in particular that I'd like to use).

I'd also like to see a working 3D GPU on the next model.

Software wise, I'd like to see the folks doing the rtcomm project (and all of the dependent projects) put some emphasis on getting an Asterisk compatible SIP stack on the n800. I am sorely missing this at work. I'd also love to see A2DP and SCO bluetooth audio (stereo and mono, respectively) built into the OS. And I really need to make my asterisk SIP calls using my BT headset as I lost my original Nokia headset.

I'd also like to see built-in support for xrandr in Hildon so we can use portrait mode as well as landscape mode.

More CPU, RAM, and battery life are *always* good things (though conflicting). But those items are pretty darn good right now and I think USB Host mode and the software changes I mentioned should take precedence. This is an internet tablet after all, not a laptop or a full sized tablet.
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1. A good poker simulation with, at least, single player 5-card draw, and maybe 5-card stud and 7-card stud.
2. Match-3 games (match three, or more, identical items to remove them from the board).
3. Crossword puzzle, hangman type games.
I might actually pay for the games.

1. A simpler way to get into root (I can't get either gainroot or becomeroot to work. I'm now using SSH).
2. A simpler way of setting up sharing of the MMC by the os and the user. Sort of like partitioning software on windows machines.
3. A way to access files other than on the MMC through Windows through a USB connection.
4. A full screen, text editor (similar to Kedit), for system files. To replace the dreaded Vi.

Thanks for reading.


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I've had my N800 for about a month now, and I love it, but there's one thing missing that would make it the perfect device for me, and that's Street Fighter. I almost ran to the shops waiving my credit card after I played Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX on my mate's PSP, but came to my senses partly when I realised it was a lot of money for one game I'd played 1000's of time before, but mainly when I realised how uncomfortable it was to pull off dragon punches with for extended periods of time.

I had a similar experience when I read about the GP2X, especially as they've now got CPS2 MAME running on it, but I was put off by the low-res non-touch screen and lack of wireless connectivity.

So what I'd really like is four buttons to the right hand side of the screen, a right hand shoulder button, a decent D-Pad, and enough processor power and RAMs to run CPS2 MAME; that would be perfect!

Apart from that, something like the GoForce 6100 or the Imageon 2380 might be good, especally if it could facilitate watching SD XviD files without transcoding. It would also be good for interface stuff and gaming, but would probably introduce all sorts of binary driver issues that I don't really understand, plus Street Fighter is the only game I'd really need anyway. IR and universal remote software is about the only other thing I can think of.

If anyone wants to develop a 640 x 480 version of one of the later versions of Street Figher (one with Akuma in ideally), with 6 on screen buttons down the right hand side of the screen that runs on the N800 in the mean time, I would be eternally grateful. (I can't get the GameBoy emu running, but it's version of Street Fighter is rubbish anyway with only 2 buttons, and I'm not aware of any other potential ways of playing it on the N800)


That is all.
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What i want:

- as i said before, that all software currently in development stage gets finished.
- an outliner
- a simple project management tool
- a PIM that syncs with Outlook and/or Google

That would make me sell my laptop. ;-)

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My biggest single wish for the moment is that the FM radio gets a built-in clock.
It doesn't have to be a system alarm that actually starts the FM radio
application. I would be perfectly happy if I could do the following:

- Start the FM radio
- Select external speakers
- Adjust volume
- Set its clock to start playing the currently selected channel at hh:mm

That's all.. I don't need a snooze function or anything, just something
like the above so I could have a portable clock radio again :-) (They
don't make them anymore - there are only monster radios in the shops).
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Originally Posted by Toontje View Post
- a PIM that syncs with Outlook and/or Google
Why don't you use erminig?
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One of my "wishes" made it into the OS.

I'll let you know which one when it's released.
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