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Posts: 200 | Thanked: 300 times | Joined on Nov 2009 @ The Netherlands
Language/s: Python (with pygame)
IDE: Python IDLE
Project: PowerInfo
Progress: 95%
License: free
Distribution: free
Purpose/goal of project: Displaying advanced information about the battery (charge level, voltage, capacity, health etc.). It will only be a script, not a installable package.
Posts: 2 | Thanked: 16 times | Joined on Dec 2009 @ Istanbul
Language/s: C
IDE: gedit
Project: click2control
Progress: Done, cleaning up.
License: GPL
Distribution: free
Purpose/goal of project: This application helps n900 users to switch quickly to the next song by double-clicking the headphone control button.
Posts: 16 | Thanked: 17 times | Joined on Dec 2009 @ Florianopolis- BR (Currently in Dresden - DE)
Language/s: Python/Gtk(glade)
IDE: Eclipse
Project: GeoToDo
Progress: 70% (waiting my N900 to test, a couple of features and pack, I hope the first beta will release in no more than 2 weeks )
Purpose/goal of project: A powerful task manager and bring to the N900 location based reminders.

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Posts: 14 | Thanked: 9 times | Joined on Nov 2009 @ Torino, Italy
Language/s: C & python
IDE: nvi + maemo sdk
Project: pajama hacking thru the maemo's debianisms (at least for the lapse I'm unemployed ^^)
Progress: none
License: none
Distribution: free
Purpose/goal of project:
Make the n900 the central part of an infrastructure of small, self powered, general purpose devices.
Posts: 486 | Thanked: 152 times | Joined on Sep 2009 @ New York City
Language/s: PyQt / PyMaemo
IDE: PyDev Eclipse plugin
Progress: 0.2.5
License: GPL v3
Distribution: extras-devel
Purpose/goal of project: allow access to via an app (replicating features in iPhone / Android / Blackberry app)

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Posts: 21 | Thanked: 24 times | Joined on Dec 2009 @ CA
Language/s: C++ Qt
IDE: QtCreator in windows / Vi in scratchbox
Project: Luminos - photo processor
Progress: good, but stuck on perf issues
License: GPL
Distribution: Ovi Store for free
Purpose/goal of project: a non-destructive photo processing application for the N900. More Lightroom than Photoshop.

I'm a total c++/linux/desktop application beginner, but was having a lot of fun with this. Now I'm focusing on, but once that is more stable, I'll pick this back up.

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Posts: 434 | Thanked: 325 times | Joined on Sep 2009
Language/s: C++ Qt
IDE: Qt Creator and MADDE
Project: Countdown Timer
Progress: Almost done if it were not for the directory issue
License: GPL (I think... I'm not that familiar what it really means )
Distribution: Free
Purpose/goal of project: Learning C++ and Qt. Additionally, I really need a countdown timer and I could not find one. So I decided to make one for myself. Originally I had no intention to distribute it at all, as it was my learning project and I made it fit only my needs. But then I was rather happy with it and I though someone else might find a use for it too. Therefore I made it a little more customizable to make it useful for a wider audience.

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Posts: 105 | Thanked: 62 times | Joined on Aug 2009 @ Finland
Language/s: Python
IDE: Emacs and scratchbox
Project: Orgmode client for N900 (something like this: )
Progress: Basic stuff mostly done. UI and sycnronization needs work
License: GPLv3
Distribution: Free
Purpose/goal of project: Nice UI around Emacs org-mode.

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Posts: 40 | Thanked: 21 times | Joined on Dec 2009
Language/s: Python
IDE: Eric
Project: MfEfolders
Progress: basic functionality and UI done, needs polish+packaging
License: GPL
Distribution: Free
Purpose/goal of project: Allows you to enable/disable Mail for Exchange e-mail syncing on a folder by folder basis (you'd want to disable the spam folder or archive/old folders). Also allows you to locally rename the mail folders (too long folder names, special accents, etc)
Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the world together.
Please vote for MfE Google Synchronization HERE
MfEfolders - Enable/disable MfE sync on a folder by folder basis; locally rename mail folders

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Posts: 415 | Thanked: 732 times | Joined on Jan 2009 @ Finland
Language/s: Qt / C++
IDE: QtCreator
Project: impuzzle
Progress: 80% (Fully working. 80% because I might implement some extra features)
License: GPL
Distribution: Fremantle extras(-devel)
Purpose/goal of project: Hobby project.

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