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The mouse cursor shows up on boot whether or not I have something plugged in, which is nice if I need it but It gets in the way when using mypaint.I didn't notice it until shortly after I installed IceWM so I think either something happened when I installed IceWM or maybe when I was using a mouse in IceWM.The cursor does show with the matchbox WM though so I'm not sure its to do with IceWM.

I've tried reinstalling usbmouse, dbus scripts and usbcontrol with no luck.I found a transp file in one of the threads that's supposed to change the cursor back to transparent but it didn't do anything.I also backed up X_cursor and tried swapping it with a renamed trans but nothing there either.

That's where I'm stuck.I don't know enough about linux to go any further(most everything I know I've learned toying with the n810 in the last few months )There is a couple IceWM control panel thingies for cursor settings but the linux/IceWM file system/installation process kind of has me lost there.I couldn't get the make install or pyinstallshield methods to work and don't know how to manually install the files.

Anyone have ideas for a workaround or how to fix it?

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Have you poked around in /home/user/.icewm?

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Yeah, actually I did find an option that removes the cursor from the desktop but it still shows in application windows and the taskbar.

Maybe it's in there but not obvious to me.

I 'm going through the online preferences page again.

EDIT:I don't know.I found out it somehow goes away after I highlight an application in the application manager but it doesn't stay that way after a reboot or when i start IceWM.The trick doesn't work in IceWM either.

Guess I'll figure something out or just deal with it.

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Remove it and re-install. Make sure fo delete any files and folders in /home/user. Re-install and try to re-create the problem.

Good luck.
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Have you installed EasyDebian, and did you use that to install IceWM? If so, you could try posting your question on an EasyDebian thread.
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