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Hello, everyone! I wonder if there is some method to add drives linked to Google Drive, DropBox, etc?

I use several of these sites and moving would be much easier to back up my stuff directly from the file manager than in any browser.

Anyone have any ideas?

From now on, thanks!


To illustrate, I upload a screenshot of Windows Explorer on my pc.
The circle is marked on my account (I recommend!) and I can manage my account as I download / upload directly here.
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Wouldn't you need either an app from that vendor or at least an open API? Seems like you're stuck without cooperation from DropBox,, or whatever.
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I'm still not sure what you're trying to achieve, but at least seems to offer access to its cloud storage via the fairly standard WebDAV protocol. So what you're probably looking for is WebDAV support for Maemo 4. (If Maemo 4 is really what you're still using. Are you on an N800? N810?)

A quick search brought up some half-baked solutions that seem to have worked, but were difficult to install and required some background knowledge. Once you managed to get WebDAV on your device, ask google for webdav in order to find out how to configure the access.

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