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Originally Posted by nieldk View Post
Actually, the MeeGo Touch Framework used to be found here (fork, someone?) that is used in Harmattan on N9 is open source. However, certain components are not, like mcompositor and swipe gesture.
Here there you can find something:

On you will find also a lot of maemo and meego stuff (meegotouch related).
The index is 11mb huge takes a while you need to click on the next page on "here".
And for the memory the archive page:
qt components development

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@halftux - Already in there from yesterday (on all the pages you mentioned), this seems like a complex task! Repos are not there, kickstart files missing, rpms missing. Archived information is there though. The gitorious thing is huge, every guy (in the past) has forked his version of a meego package!

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