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accounts-backup is a binary which seems to just copy ~/.accounts/accounts.db to accounts.db.bak.

accounts-restore is a shell script which removes the accounts db and replaces it with accounts.db.bak; if this doesnt exist, accounts-restore simply removes your accounts db.

so, this is literally the same as what i already do. copying the db to my laptop, reflashing, and replacing the db. it does not work.
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For removing aegisfs from process list just comment start aegisfs line in /etc/init/group-mce.conf and then reboot your device.
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Originally Posted by rainisto View Post
There is no need to remove clear aegis mounts, you can have fully working aegis also in open mode (as long as you don't follow bad instructions).
ok,if not with the way removing this dirs so then how to fix password issue,which is happening after openmode?

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just remove .accounts folder and create accounts again
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a bit late to ask, 5 years later, but is there a wiki page corresponding to the most up-to-date info from this conversation?
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not really but roughly compressed:
SIM-Switcher, automated SIM switching with a Double (Dual) SIM adapter
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