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I have installed Google Hangouts through Alien Dalvik. Now, whenever I get an SMS message, I get a Sailfish notification for that sms - but I also get a Hangouts notification titled "Download Android Messages to view message". Considering Sailfish already has a SMS client, is there any way to disable these notifications?
(Ideally without disabling notifications for actual Hangouts messages, as that's why I installed the app in the first place.)
Posts: 810 | Thanked: 2,883 times | Joined on Apr 2012
Does anyone else have this problem?
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I had this a while ago, where one Android app decided it wanted to be the system SMS manager, and even though you could swap the nominated app around if you had multiple ones, you couldn't get rid of it entirely, and SFOS insisted on mirroring all SMS events into Alien Dalvik. I think I ended up installing an SMS Backup & Restore and nominating it as the primary app, because it could be made to be silent about it.

This thread on TJC might also help, seems to suggest you can manually deny permissions and fix the problem that way?

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